Five Nail Designs We Are Crushing Over This Festive Season

Shiny glitter nail art is more festive and enjoyable to wear during this season’s fashion. Popular nail polish hues include glitter. Your face will smile as a result of the light shining on your fingertips. visit a party? Visit a beach? Mochi on the couch as you watch & “Will and Grace” to make yourself feel better about the world? Any event is appropriate for shiny nails! Is there ever a good time to brighten your nails? Unpopular? In our opinion, no. However, if there is, we are happy we can’t recall.

If this trend of gradient hues appeals to you, you can either use a cosmetic sponge or your hands to apply each layer of glitter powder. If you enjoy precise nail art or French manicure techniques, purchase some Metallic Stripes. Wherever you wish a clear line will appear, and the special glue won’t interfere with the polishing layer below. If you make a full nail, you can paint it with nail polish while it’s still wet, then top it with a layer of clear primer. You can sprinkle it on wet nail paint if you want more dust rather than complete coverage. To create accurate lines, you may also apply this method to your metallic stripes.

We’ve created a look with a metallic stripe and a golden touch on the black shade of gel polish to replace the days when it was common to use plain black gel polish.

Step 1.  Paint each nail with Glam Golden Gel Polish.

Step 2.  Using a tweezer, apply the Glam Metallic Stripes to the nails in a straight and &V & shape.

Step 3.  Fill in the gaps with Glam Black Gel Polish.

Step 4.  Use a tweezer to carefully remove the metallic stripes.

Step 5.  To seal the artwork, use Glam Top Coat.

This is the perfect manicure to make a statement at parties, weddings and festive celebrations.  It’s simple to recreate and this no-fuss manicure looks very pretty.

Step 1. Apply Glam Black Gel Polish.

Step 2. Cure it under UV/LED Lamp.

Step 3. Apply Glam Chrome Powder with the help of a applicator.

Step 4. Seal the art with Glam Top Coat

A simple and gradient manicure can give you extra shine and dazzle altogether, wherever you step in this nail art looks captivating.

Step 1. Using a tweezer, insert several Glam Metallic Stripes in slanting positions on the nails after applying Glam Base Coat.

Step 2. Fill up the spaces between the metallic stripes with Glam Silver Gel Polish.

Step 3. Seal the art with Glam Top Coat.

Without using any complicated methods, a galaxy appearance is created using a dark base and a gradient of golden color. This manicure is perfect for celebrations and parties.

Step 1. After doing your nail prep, apply Glam Base Coat.

Step 2. Using Glam Foil Gel, adhere Glam Foil Paper to the tip of the nail.

Step 3. Apply Glam Black Gel Polish to the free edge or the remaining portion of the nail.

Step 4. Glam Top Coat seals the artwork.

Here is another quick method for applying glitter nail polish over a vibrant base. This manicure is perfect for those who believe the more glitter, the better!

Step 1. Apply Glam Base Coat.

Step 2. Apply Glam Black Gel Polish.

Step 3. Then, apply Glam Silver Polish on the middle part of the nails.

Step 4. Seal the art with Glam Top Coat.

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